ParaDiSe Seminar

The ParaDiSe Seminar is a working forum for the presentation of ongoing and finished research in the areas related to the specification, modelling, analysis, and verification of software systems.

The meetings are held on Thursday at the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, starting at 12:00.

Seminar Programme — Spring 2021

Due to the epidemic situation the seminar is organized online in ZOOM. ParaDiSe members should have the link in e-mails. If you are not a member but with to participate, please contact us.

This semester we will present what each of us do under the laboratory flag. The talks should be prepared so that they take at most one hour with all the questions, 30 minutes at least. After every talk we also discuss what the presenter did wrong in the presentation and how the presenter may improve the presentation skills.


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